Open Source Solutions

Do not pay high license fees with open source solutions.

Get institutional support by getting installation and migration consultancy for solutions in the open source world.

Let’s create open source solutions to support you in architectural planning in your existing and new projects.

Let’s provide developer level Level-3 support to all your open source solutions.

Archive Solutions

Save your big data with a cost effective method.

Spectrum Archive Solution that enables big data to be separated from disk storage units in the production environment and stored in File-Based Archive Storage Systems with 10x lower cost and shared with user authorization on a 7×24 basis.

Artifical Intelligence Solutions

We boost your enterprises productivity with the power of IBM Watson and IBM PowerAI.

Artificial intelligence Video Analytics Solution with high speed setup and to be specially designed for your problems with IBM PowerAI Vision Technology.

Ability to provide custom Artificial Intelligence infrastructure by simplifying Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics solutions with IBM Watson Studio.

Ability to categorize and analyse your unstructured data (PDF, JPG, TXT etc.) with IBM Watson Discovery.

Language analysis with IBM Watson NLC.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions can be created and needs can be met.

Virtualization Solutions

Use your resources at maximum efficiency and high availability.

Redhat Openshift / Kubernetes solutions that provide the necessary infrastructure and development environment for transition to “container” based structures, which is the latest point of virtualization technology today.

Data Center Solutions

We offer data center solutions that your organization will need from the beginning, with planning, design and implementation.

We create low-cost solutions that provide high performance, flexibility and reduced risks.

SAN based Flash, Hybrid Disk Storage Products Solutions designed for VM / OLTP / OLAP / Artificial Intelligence / HPC etc. workloads requiring High Performance.

With SAN Virtualization Solutions, we provide brand-independent growth.

Networking Solutions

We provide end-to-end solutions by creating corporate architectures for Data Center, campus and cloud environments.

CAPEX and OPEX costs are decreasing with products that can be programmed on 10G, 25G, 40G, 50G and 100G platforms and have high availability capacity.

We can integrate eAPI, EOS, SDK, Linux, DevOps.